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Is Your Current or Future Change Management Implementation Efforts at Risk? 7 Questions to Ask

It’s never too late examine your change management risks before you become an additional statistic in the ever increasing group of companies that have failed to successfully implementing change in ones’ organization.

Can you really manage and measure the potential risks in your change implementation?

Yes you can. Is there a simple way to assess your change risks before you “fire the starter” pistol and go public with the workforce with what we are trying to achieve with your change management program and process?

Below are “7” Change Management Risk Assessment questions to ask to level set risks in your implementation before investing large amounts of time, money and effort.

To Assess your Change Risks, Answer Each Question from …

Low Risk - 1 2 3 4 Caution 5 6 7 High Risk 8 9 10 for my company:

1. Our organization has a good track record for identifying and resolving problems? ____

2. We have failed to stay on track to achieve change goals because it has not been clear who has the authority and responsibility to get the change management work accomplished. ____

3. Past change activities have been poorly monitored and measured by line managers. ____

4. There have been poor incentives for finishing change tasks on time and within budget._____

5. Past change efforts have not been communicated effectively down through the organization, resulting in people feeling confused about how the changes affect them or what they should do differently. ____

6. People have expected changes affecting one part of the organization to have little or no effect on other areas. ____

7. Managers and sponsors have shown little or no interest in encouraging people to express their opinions about how a change affects them. ____

Understanding your change risks prior to implementing change allows you to foster, enable and close Business Readiness gaps before the change process gets started. A journey worth taking.

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