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May 3rd, Friday, 2019 Speaking Venue

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

On May 3, 2019 I will be presenting the topic:

"Marking Change Work,When Everything is Changing!"

AIche, Chemical Engineering, South Texas Section Chapter Meeting, sites/local-sections/sts - from 11:00-1:30PM

Register on-line at Alche Website, Wyndam Park Row Hotel, Hwy 6 281-558- 5580.

Lunch will be served. Walk-ins welcome!

Technology AND Change Management initiatives often encounter rough waters because the organization asks Leaders, Managers, Employees and Stakeholders to do something different.

Furthermore, company initiatives muddy the waters when multiple Change, OD and project initiatives aren’t aligned, prioritized, nor integrated into the overall strategy and operating framework and plans.

Understanding “how to make change work, when everything is changing” is not impossible, but can be successfully accomplished if the enterprise takes the right steps to help everyone to embrace change as easily as a duck takes to water.

2019 has brought forward new business developments that every organization needs to understand to be effective today so you will not be left behind in the future!

“Rapid new business developments, creating total customer experiences, advances in employee communications, and new technology breakthroughs (AI, Digital Platforms, Predictive Analytics, etc.,) are requiring every company to respond beyond the boundaries of their current experiences.”

Unlike traditional change management presentations that focus on failure rates and timeframes of seven years (7) to change a culture, this presentation takes the “mystery” out of how to determine the best organizational approach to pursue, saving the organization, time, money, resources and frustration.

Gain insights from MARK HORDES, an organization effectiveness expert, who brings over 25 years of experience transforming organizations all over the globe.

This is a must attend presentation that will enable you to unlock the critical capabilities required to separate success from failure, through an organizational lens of manageability, risks, agility, velocity and strategic focus, resulting in sustainable business outcomes.

Learn about what the new “JOURNEY MANAGEMENT” approach entails, that focuses on prioritized business objectives, mitigation of change fatigue, and the creation of a cultural mindset of continuous improvement that enables an emotional shift from just task completion, to a high - performance organization with achievable goals, growth and visible success that will sustain the test of time.

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