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Assessments and Surveys: How We Work with You

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The hardest thing about change is implementation.

It is a human instinct to resist change. In order to better understand the potential risks and barriers to the planned change, its important to evaluate and assess your current environment and organizational capacity to change.


Our consultants utilize only reliability tested surveys and assessment instruments, data collection processes, along with conducting key Leadership, Manager interviews and Employee focus groups.


We surface hidden agendas, key business issues, pockets of resistance, strengths, perceived threats to job security, fear of learning new skills, shifts in influence, loss of social status and perceived change of habits and customs.


Through this early change assessment and data collection process you’re better able to raise the overall awareness and understanding of the organization regarding change, define the fundamentals of how best to proceed in managing the change, close gaps and provide focus for later stages of the change effort.

Menu of Assessments & Survey Deliverables

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