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Transformation Change – Change Management – Individual Change: How We Work with You

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At any organizational level: GM’s Champions, Managers, Supervisors, Associates and Front Line employees change can be quite challenging.

Getting the organization and individuals ready for change requires an experienced understanding of human behavior and business industry expertise, supported by change management workshops.

At MHMC we help you develop a change management playbook and  ensure that the change approach utilized is supported and aligned to your business case.


We focus on the entire change life-cycle of change, from readiness and impact assessment through sustainability, as well as implementation direction, coaching of Leaders, Middle Managers, Work Stream Process Owners and Change Agents.


We tailor all of our client change management assignments to your individual needs and stage of change management maturity and project change history.


By only utilizing change management “best practice” methodologies, processes, templates and training tools, our consultants support our clients as an integral part of your project team, through all of the components of change that are customized to your unique needs and business projected outcome's.

Menu of Change Deliverables

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